Wednesday, March 22, 2006

whoo, I have been so busy. The 70 shirts are embroidered. The swim teams jackets are done. The prom dress is done. I am embroidering hats for the Awana coaches right now. I worked on Captain Kitty's skirt tonight.

This first picture is of the front view.

This second is of the back. I had a problem where all the seams met at the back yoke, so I decided to applicay (LOL, you know I have to learn to spell that word!) some of the flowers cut out of the material over the spot and down the seam to give it a design element.

I still need to hem the skirt. It has been fairly easy except that spot at the back yoke where it is so bulky. For clients I have 3 pair of pants to hem, three to make into capris, a grandmother of the bride dress to alter, another bridesmaid dress to alter, two shirts to embroidery, 8 caps to embroidery, and some doll clothes to make. Easter is coming upon us quickly and I need to think about clothes for the family. I need to embroidery the pillow shams I bought to give as a wedding gift. And I still need some gowns to wear to bed! So much sewing so little time.

Sew Long for Now.

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SDMC said...

This is a cute skirt! I love the idea. My daughter is tall and I have a hard time finding skirts for her.