Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's been a trying day. I felt I accomplished so much yesterday. I felt ready to tackle today. I did get some things completed, but, I had a lot of frustration also. I finished embroidering the four shirts. I finished repairing and altering a dress for a mother of a groom. I worked on some digitizing. I spent most of my day working on this one piece of digitizing. First the piece that was e-mailed me in bmp was so bad when I opened I just knew I would never get it ready to digitize. I called the lady and ask her to bring me a hard copy. She brought me a copy. It must have been printed on a dot matrix printer because it was just as bad. I tried every thing in the book to get it to work. Finally, after 2 hours of working I had it ready to digitize and when I went to save it my computer did some wierd thing and deleted it! It was gone! So I spent another 2 hours redoing it and went to save it and my computer went wacko and bam it was gone. I tried something else and an hour later I went to save it and poof it disappeared. My 16 yo thought he could make it work, but, the computer magician showed him. My husband tried to help me on the phone, no use. I decided to scan the picture and print it out using my printer. I then went and got the children's markers and colored in the picture, it was really bad quality. I then scanned that picture. Presto chango I got it to work and digitized it. 7 hours I worked on this. Now I can't charge for that 7 hours of time, but, I will charge a little more than usual. I refuse to look at it any more. I will sew it out tomorrow to make sure it is ok. She also gave me another picture to digitize and the quality is just as bad. I hope I can use the copy/color trick and maybe not have to spend so many hours trying to do that one.

Sew Long for Now!