Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When God blesses you, he really blesses you. The bridesmaid dresses are done. I am working on the prom dress. I am beginning to embroider 70 t-shirts. Yesterday a man from a local embroidery shop brought me some jackets he wants numbers applicaid on. You know I spelled applicaid several different ways and still can't remember how it is spelled! I am still working on the digitizing. Saturday afternoon I got tired of working on stuff for others so I started working on a skirt for Captain Kitty. She had an old pair of jeans that had gotten too short for her, several times, she loves them so I told her I would make a skirt out of them. I ripped the seams out of the legs and folded the crotch over on itself and sewed it down. Next I found some material (actually I am using the scraps from the spring aprons) and have pinned it in the triangle opening between the leg sides. I need to sew this on and then hem it. I will post a picture when I finish...hopefully soon. Oh, and Friday night Captain Kitty and I beaded while watching TV. We made earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. So much fun.

Sew Long for Now.

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