Saturday, March 04, 2006

Here it is Saturday night and I am still working on the reserved signs. I have gotten them all embroidered and all hemmed. I only have to clip the threads and put the tassel on. Tomorrow afternoon I am setting a goal to finish this.

I have had a few interruptions this week. Our TV was in the shop and they told us two weeks ago that they would fix it. They called this week and said that they no longer make the parts for it and can't fix it. Now you wonder why people who don't have cable care about a TV. We do get a few local channels, especially PBS. And of course we all know every Saturday afternoon there are sewing shows on PBS. Our old TV was a 54 inch projection kind. Some one had given it to us. We had gotten spoiled and did not want to go back to a 20 inch, but, couldn't afford another one that big. So General Gorgeous and I spent one whole day going to every store in the valley that sold TV's comparing them and checking prices. Finally, at Walmart we found a 30 inch wide screen HD ready that we could afford. Guess what I found out about HD TV's! You get more channels, even with just an antenna. Thursday night I turned it on as I was about to do some ironing and I found a station with Sewing with Nancy on it! At 10:30 at night! The picture is really good also. So I am very happy we bought the new TV.

Sew Long for Now.