Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The blue cross quilt is together.
I am going to hold off quilting it until I get the other two completed. There is a huge mistake in this quilt. The blocks in the corner between the crosses are suppose to form stars. Since I was doing this from scraps and just trying to figure out the pattern I goofed this up. It's going to be for our youngest son and he thinks it's a cool geometric pattern. Thank goodness for boys and how they see things different. For the next one I took graph paper and colored in the squares to coordinate with the fabric I am using that way I will get that design right.

I made a quilt for project Linus. My daughter tells me her friend ask her if she is going to bring her two project Linus quilts Tuesday night to their meeting. She was very upset because she thought they were due in April at an event they are having. I ask her had she looked at the calendar because the event is this Saturday. Panic ensued. Since she had class and this meeting I told her I would help her. We picked out some fabric from my stash. I cut it out, these are simple quilts with two yards of fabric; one for the front and one for the back. Then I go looking for some batting. I thought I had some, but I only had craft size. I finished one quilt and sent it with her last night and will do the other to send with her Saturday.

I have been working on the costume. I serged all the edges after cutting out the robe and then began on putting it together. I found out I may have to alter it again. While waiting on measurements for the other robe I have to cut out I began working on the hat.

Besides those things I have gotten very little of any other sewing done. I have been knitting a few rows here and there on my daughter's afghan. I have done a little hand quilting on the old green quilt, but not as steady as I was because of the time involved with the costume. I have to get them done hopeful long before the 7th of April for the first performance.

Sew Long for Now

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