Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have been working on putting the cross quilt into strips, I have one more row to sew together and then I will sew the strips together. It's coming together. The interesting thing is I started this as just a trial and error to find easier and quicker way to do some of the piecing for this pattern with so many pieces. After I had put so much effort into that first block I just had to make a whole quilt out of it. It has over 1800 pieces in the quilt and I have been working on it six months. I am hoping the next two will go faster with some of the piecing methods I have discovered.
I put together a couple of more blocks for my mother-in-law's quilt. I thought if I could just do a block every once in a while it would take no time to complete it.

I don't sew for other people since going back to work full-time, well at least I try my best not to. It's too stressful and I never know from one day to the next if I will even have time to sew that day. Back in January the new music minister at our church ask me to make costumes for the Easter play. I told him if he got them to me by the beginning of February I could help him, I thought given my schedule with enough time I could work them in. I never heard from him and I forgot about it. Two week into March and I got an email asking me about the costumes. Now, changing from 7 down to 3. Costumes are a bit more complicated than quilt pieces, especially costumes that have to have the patterns re-drafted because they don't make them for the size they need. I told them I couldn't do 3 in 2 weeks. Then they ask me to do one and I said I would do that one. Now they are asking for two. took me 7 hours so far this week to re-draft the pattern for this one person and cut out the parts. I will not get it done in two weeks. It will be more like up to the last minute. I feel so much stress over this whole situation. People do not have any idea what sewing garments involve. I could really use some prayer right now for this whole situation. There is more than I care to write about the whole thing, just prayer I can do the right thing and not stress myself out over it so much that I make myself sick.
Sew Long for Now


Monica @The Mennobrarian said...

Isn't it amazing how something you love, like sewing, becomes so un-pleasurable once you add in time constraints and having to meet the expectations of others? This was something I experienced when having to sew a dozen party favors for a friend, and it was the worst experience. It even seemed like, since I was rushing, that the quality of my work suffered, although my friend was happy. Oh, the empathy I feel for you. Anyway, that cross quilt is beautiful! What a stand out. :)

Linda said...

Your cross quilt looks great! I have to agree with Monica's comment about when sewing for others, sewing just is not as fun. I am sure you will make the costume on time.