Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our mail today held a copy of this quarters newsletters from our homeschool group. I didn't have time to read them before, so I took them to violin lessons to read while Captain Kitty worked. Our group has a newsletter published by the youth. Captain Kitty is on the staff. This issue was about recipes and favorite memories from the kitchen, especially culinary disasters. I read the newsletter to see what CK had written. A poem on the last page especially caught my attention. I could not find a name as to who had written it. It seemed appropriate to the content of the issue and I thought they found it in a book to go along with the newsletter. I thought to myself that CK would really like the poem and I wanted to mention it to her to be sure she read it. On the way home I began to talk about this poem. She starting laughting at me. The poem that I thought they copied from a "professional" book of poetry was written by my daughter. She was a little miffed they didn't put her name on it. I told her I wanted to put it on my blog for others to enjoy.

Snowed In
On a cold winter's morning,
When you've nothing else to do,
The clouds have snowed you in,
And no one can get through.
You should turn on your oven,
Or gather round the fire,
You should bake, cook, or sing,
To raise your spirits higher.
By Captain Kitty age 12
On the sewing front: I went to one of the neighborhood meetings of our ASG last night. It is called the designer club. We are working on making the perfect skirt pattern. Below you will see a shot of my muslin. I can't wait to sew this skirt up. I only wear skirts. Sometimes I will wear a dress or jumper, but I am most comfortable in skirts. The way you make this and the darts really make a difference in the fit and look. I think when I finish one it will be much more tailored looking and make me look thinner. It is also way easy to do!

Sew Long for Now!

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Deb said...

Cindi ~ I need one of those look-thinner skirts. Tell Captain Kitty I enjoyed her poem. :)