Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I look around at friends blogs and see the reflections and meditations for the past year and the new year. 2007 was not my best year. Neither was 2006. Here is 2008 and it finally dawns on me that man's time frames don't matter. As another Christmas season ends and the hectic pace of life doing seamstress work for others slows down I chose not to be upset that I hadn't done all the little things I wanted to with my children. I decided that what does it matter if we bake Christmas cookies in January. My children had ask to make gingerbread houses and I never got around to even getting the supplies. I found kits marked down this past weekend and told them that they got to make New Year's houses. They thoroughly enjoyed spending New Years Eve afternoon building their masterpieces. On New Year's Day they began to eat them as we watched the Rose Parade hoping to catch a glimpse of their older brother who was playing in the VMI Regimental Band. We have plans for January that include baking those cookies and making snowflakes to hang around the house. Life goes on. How I chose to view it is my choice.

I started out the New Year by cleaning the sewing room. Oh, how much easier it is to be creative in a clean place.

Sew Long for Now!


Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter, does it? I enjoy Christmas because hubby is home and we take a break from school, but we can celebrate Christmas any day of the year. When I was a kid I remember us putting off Christmas a week because things were so busy. I don't remember being disappointed by that. The presents were just as good. Just as the cookies will be. :o)

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

How we choose to view it is our choice--EXACTLY.
I needed this..
Thank you, Cindi...