Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good evening! Berta the first picture is for you. This is the sweater I wore the skirt with. I wore a white button up shirt. My sil gave me a gift card for Christmas and I found this sweater on mark down after New Year. I chose the burnt orange because I did a little reading a few years ago on colors trying to improve my wardrobe. I need a lot more help, but I did come to the conclusion that I am a fall or sunset. I used to wear a lot of blacks and blues and they didn't do me any favors. My peach complexion, brown with red (and grey) highlighted hair, and brown eyes makes me look better in these earthy tones.
I finished one of the most unusual requests I have had in a while tonight. This is the golf bag I sewed up. The pocket you see pulled away at the seam on the side that is top on the picture. By the time I recieved it the nylon was in shreds. Yesterday I put an ample amount of fray check on it and let it dry over night. I could not take the bag apart due to the way it was constructed. I could not put the seam back because of the shredding. What I did was to fold under the sealed edges and hand sew them making the pocket about an inch smaller on one side and then tapering it back into the seam on the bottom. I sewed a running stitch down the torn part. Next I ran a running stitch back up that, but opposite of the first line of stitching so that all gaps were sealed. Last I took small whip stitches along the side to be sure that nothing would fall out. The bag belongs to one of my son's teenage friends and he is going back to college tomorrow. His mother didn't want him to spend the money on a new bag, but she didn't want him to duct tape and look shabby either. I think it turned out nice and I don't think he will be embarrased to be seen on the golf course with it.
Last here is a picture of our cat who is a big baby...well...being a big baby! After my busy day sewing yesterday I went in to find him laying like this on our bed! He is so funny!

Sew Long for Now!

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'Berta said...

Cindi, that is a stunning outfit. I bet you looked and felt fabulous! Thanks for sharing the extra photo!hbebfy