Friday, January 11, 2008

Here is a picture of the new skirt I made. I couldn't get a good picture of what makes this different, but there are four darts on the front that are 14 inches long each. I enjoyed wearing this skirt to our monthly ASG meeting last night. I did decide that the next one I make will have more material around and deeper darts. Of course that means re-figuring the darts. I think the next one will be black. I can never have too many black skirts for some reason. I attached the waistband my own way, but with the ability to remove it. We did not go over the way to attach the waistband at our neighborhood meeting, we will do that next month. It felt so nice to be able to sew for myself this week. Lessons with the children went well. I have been very blessed this week. Today I have spent the day sewing for others. I had two bags to embroidery, two shirts to mend, three pair of pants to hem, and one golf bag to mend. I have everything except the golf bag and one pair of pants done. The golf bag has to wait until tomorrow because it is made of nylon and the part that has tore is shredding. I coated the edge with no fray and will let it dry over night before I attempt to hand sew the seam back. I have to hand sew it, it will not fit on the machine! The one pair of pants is a pair of nylon athletic pants. I have to remove the zippers out of both legs before I can cut them to length and hem. I will not be replacing the zippers, but sewing the legs shut. It has been a good productive day!

Sew Long for Now!

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'Berta said...

What a luscious colour! What colour top did you wear with it? I wish I were brave enough for bright vibrant colours!