Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The table topper was completed late Wednesday night. It graced Thursday's table. A table surrounded by family and new friends. One friend was a lady, 87 years young, who lives by herself. She was an only child and through her married life never had children. Now, except for a cousin she is alone. We invited her to join us and were so blessed by her. She has history. She told the children about her college life at Kent State in the late 1930' early 1940's. She told about being in the U.S.O. She told about playing for the Baltimore Symphony and the National Symphony. She listened to Captain Kitty play the violin, Captain Chaos play the piano, and Lt. Col. Cool play the guitar and gave them all helpful advice. We invited her to minister to her and she instead blessed us.

No other sewing has been done since then. There has been shopping and decorating and more company over the weekend. Today I have to get back to business.

Sew Long for Now!

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lindiepindie said...

That's so nice to finish a table topper in time for Thanksgiving! The colors are perfect. So nice to hear abou what a wonderful guest you had.