Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I snapped this photo this morning while trying to get ready for our day. Captain Chaos and the kitty are watching the Bali sharks eat. They both looked so cute sitting there intent upon watching. Yes, cleaning the fish tank is on my to do list. We used to have a scum sucker fish, but the sharks ate it one day. There have been two craw fish living in the tank since July. C.C. caught them in a stream. One died last week and before I could get the net to scoop it out they had ate it. The kitty often tries to get his paws into the tank to get to the fish. I think if he ever did they would eat him! No sewing was accomplished yesterday due to running! I think if I could never leave the house I could accomplish a lot. I am off to sew out a digitized design tonight.

Sew Long for Now!

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linda said...

Yikes, never a boring day at the fish tank! Poor sucker fish! And poor you that you now have to do the job of a sucker fish! I took care of a neighbor's turtle tank once when they were out of town and cleaning that this was a HUGE task. Maybe you can teach your son to do it? :o)