Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The last two days I have felt so extremely tired by evening. We have gone back to school full-time. Even though I only have two left here, they are apart just enough to cause me to have to do their work seperate. Where I used to combine some things, now I have to do them twice each day. Of course there is still the paper route every morning at 3:30. My sewing business has been brisk lately, leaving little time for my personal sewing. The garden is begininning to take off. We staked part of the tomatoes today. Over the weekend we had to replant the cucumber and squash due to rabbits. Add in laundry, housekeeping, cooking, and general duties around the home and you have one tired Momma. This to shall pass. Above is material and a pattern I am using to make a formal dress for a young lady. She needs the middle view. It looks like a fairly easy pattern. The biggest problem I found is finding a zipper in the right shade to match the material. It says the material is lavendar, but the thread that matches best is light Cielo. That's a shade of blue. Both the lavendar and Cielo zippers did not look good against the material. The shades were all wrong. I am putting an off white hidden zipper in it. If we could find some fingernail polish or acrylic paint in the right shade we could paint the zipper pull to match. I have more towels coming tonight to embroidery. I have another order for a black bag. Then there's hemming and mending, mending and hemming!

Sew Long for Now!

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lindiepindie said...

Making a formal sounds hard but fun! It would be nice to have a matching zipper pull. It'll be interesting what you come up with.

I'm tired these days as well. Just lots to do this summer and not enough time for personal sewing!