Thursday, December 08, 2005

running, running, running

So far I haven't done any sewing today. I spent all day running errands and picking up sewing. I may take a break tonight. It is suppose to ice tonight so I may be homebound tomorrow. I am suppose to go with my youngest two children and husband to see the Nutcracker ballet tomorrow morning. Several homeschoolers we know are in it. Princess Kitty is hoping it will not be canceled. So tomorrow evening I can sew some. Saturday we are to go to a wedding and then to a Christmas party. Sunday we are going to a different church to see their Christmas program. Our friends' daughter has the lead part. Captain Crunch has a Christmas party Sunday night. Monday is practice for the Singing School concert for all three children and CAP for Captain Crunch. Tuesday is the Singing School concert and Wednesday is Caroling at the nursing home. I think Captain Crunch is caroling on Thursday also. Sigh...

Sew Long for Now.