Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I am so tired

I had calls Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for last minute gifts to embroidery. General Gorgeous finally put an end to it and said I could not take any more work. I worked until 4 p.m. Friday and we had a party that night to go to. On Saturday we spent the day with my family. We opened gifts Saturday night because Sunday was spent at church. Monday I finished the dress that I was altering for a young lady to wear to the ball. This morning I purchased material to make my dress. I also got a call yesterday asking me to sew several letters on letterman jackets and to rip out a misspelled name. I told them to call back Thursday and if I was caught up I would do it by Sunday.

My wonderful special husband surprised me Christmas with a Moss print of Star City Quilters! See I even get sewing gifts for presents. My children got me a Moss figurine of a mother reading to her daughters!

Now I have to go figure out how to design my dress for the ball!

Sew Long for Now.