Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Cards

Today I finished a toilet lid cover for a lady for Christmas. It was a Santa face that her mother made in the 50's and was round. Her toilet is oblong. I attached it to green felt and made it where is has elastic to hold it on. Next I need to lengthen her Christmas tree skirt. I also have a digitizing to do. I got called today by my friend who owns an embroidery shop. She has 13 stockings to do that won't fit her industrial machines. She ask me to do them. Tomorrow I drive out to pick them up. I also got called to embroidery five PJ tops for a lady for Christmas and I pick those up tomorrow. Last, but, not least a lady is coming next Tuesday for a fitting with a dress I need to alter for the vintage ball. God is so good to bless me with these jobs when I need the money.

The post is entitled Christmas cards so I better explain why! I am working on my Christmas cards. I am sewing material to card stock and then I will be stamping angels and snowmen and painting those to sew on top. I was thinking of attaching some crystals also. I put buttons on the sample I made. Inside it will be stamped "May your Holidays be stitched with Happiness."
Here is a picture of the first stage.

Sew Long for Now!