Friday, December 02, 2005

It's Friday!

Tonight is dress rehearsal for the marketplace. I am taking my camera and hope to take some pictures. Lord I pray it pleases You and glorifies You.

I finished four sets of towels embroidered for a friend for her children for Christmas yesterday. I finished embroidering on a pillow and sleeping bag for some one else to give as a present. I have another job sewing and another digitizing job to do, a lot of altering for Captain Kitty and then Christmas presents to make. Not through my stength, but, His do I get this done.

Last night we went to see the musical Scrooge. A local church puts this on at the Civic center every year and it's free. They take donations for various charitable organizations. They still had my name in the bulletin where I made one of the costumes last year.

Sew Long for Now!