Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This week I spent some time with my family slinging, straining and jarring honey.  We started keeping bees 3 years ago.  It hasn't been an easy journey, but finally we were able to get some honey.  Actually we got 2 1/2 gallons off one small super.  It looks like we will probably get more this summer.  In a week since we took the frames with the honey and replaced them with empty frames they have already drawn them out.  These are some hard working bees.  We had Russian bees and Italian bees and they didn't work out.  These bees are local Virginia bees. 
The bees seem to have worked some tulip poplars, that is one thing known to make the honey darker and it is in our area.

On the sewing front I am now machine quilting my sister's quilt.  I found this gorgeous batik 106 inches wide and am using it for the backing.  I was going to frame the front in it, but decided not to.  I am going to use it as the binding also.
Of course I have lots of other projects waiting on the sideline.  I am finishing sewing the binding on the green quilt and it is about 3/4 of the way done.  When it is finished I will get a picture to share.
Sew Long for Now

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