Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have the best children in the world.  They spoil me when they can.  For Mother's Day they surprised me with new quilting rulers and thread, what more could I ask for. 

I finally finised the Memory Lane row for April. 

Since the first picture is a little hard to see I tried to get a closer picture.  The blocks were relatively easy, but meeting those points when joining the blocks was a bit harder.  Let's just say my seam ripper had a work out on this one.

Yesterday I went on a road trip with two quilting friends.  We went to Patchwork Plus in Dayton, Va.  I had purchased the first two fabrics in the above photo at a local quilt shop and I was looking for something to go with them to make a quilt for my sister.  I found the last two in Dayton.  I love them, especially the last one.  It's called Marblehead by Ro Gregg for Paintbrush Studio.  I haven't seen anything like it in our local shops and it blends great with the original purchase.  I also bought a piece with fish on it to start thinking about a quilt for my Daddy.  We went to Rachel's Quilt Shop in Staunton, Va and I purchased a book called Adoration Quilts by Rachel W.N. Brown.  She is the shop owner and she personalized the book with a note and autograph.  It has lovely applique for Christmas.  The last place we stopped was The Quiltery in Fairfield, Va.  This little shop was a gem.  We got there 20 minutes before they closed so I was so overwhelmed with all they had and their great prices that I just couldn't chose.  I decided since it is only an hour from my house I will be returning there in the future when I have more time to spend.
I am feeling a little crazy right now as I look around at all the projects I have started and all the ideas I suddenly have.  I am almost finished the May block for the Color Me Happy project.  I still have April's blogger BOM to do and soon the May block will be posted.  I have my mother-in-law's quilt to finish the borders on.  I have many more pieces to cut for the next cross quilt.  Now, I have added a quilt for my sister and I am beginning to think of doing one for my Daddy.  Wow, I really need to get organized and finish some of these projects.

Sew Long for Now

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