Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I finished the 20 blocks of the crosses. It's the only sewing I got accomplished in the last week, but I should be thankful I got that done. It's been so busy with work and outside activities. I could say I did more if you count going to my second block of the month club and buying fabric as sewing. (The block of the month is actually a row of the month and I have 8 blocks to do for it..oh my) I bought a really cute charm pack to use to make my mother-in-law a quilt for Christmas next year. I figure if I start now I might actually get it done. I also had a gift certificate I received for helping do our ASG program this month and I redeemed that for some material to use in finishing this cross quilt and for the next one. On the work table: two pairs of pants to hem for some one, 8 blocks for the newest quilt, 1 blogger BOM, 16 more blocks for the blue cross quilt, charms to begin a quilt for my mil, material to start another cross quilt, and wool plus lining to make me a new skirt. No pressure here...hahaha.

Sew Long For Now!

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