Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am working hard on the cross quilt. I finished 80 of these point segments this week.
I went on to complete 80 of the corner units. Now I just need to press them out. After pressing all the units I will piece the 20 cross squares. I am so excited. I have tried to work on the quilt at least 1 hr everyday. Unfortunately, last night I wasn't able to. I hope to get in some pressing or sewing today before our group meeting tonight. Tomorrow night is our ASG monthly meeting so I will probably have no time after I get off work and get ready to go there.
I hate to miss 3 days in a row when I have been doing so well.

I love Youtube. I hate altering men's suit jackets and I seem to do more than I care to. My husband wanted me to shorten the length of the sleeves on his tuxedo jacket and I had put it off for a month because I just dreaded it. Finally, on Monday I had to do it because he needed it that night. I decided to look on youtube for any video that might help me review what to do and give me some great way of doing it painfree. I found this great video series of a lady doing a tuxedo jacket. She really gave me the confidence to tackle it. It still had to be done all by hand and it still took the whole afternoon, but the results were wonderful. The nice thing about this series was that she broke down each step into bite size pieces and it really looked easy this way.
Sew Long for Now

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