Tuesday, July 28, 2009

photo by my daughter
Summer is rolling along. I think often of blogging. I think often of sewing. Lately both have been just a dream. I have worked a lot of overtime this summer. Summer just seems to be passing me by. I definitely am not getting my usual enjoyment out of it. This is the first summer I have worked a full time job in 20 years and I do not enjoy it. I don't like working, but alas I do what I have to. I did get reaquainted with my sewing machine today. For the first time in what seem like forever I threaded my serger and repaired a bag for my oldest and then set up my embroidery machine and put some embroidery on a shirt to cover up where I got paint on it. It was one of my favorite shirts, I had to save it. Don't you just love that about embroidery, you can do little tricks like that with it. I bought a sketch pad at Walmart a month or so ago with the intention of using it to put ideas for sewing projects in it. I finally, got around to starting it last night. There may be hope for me to get myself back in line yet. Cross your fingers, and your toes, and say a prayer!
Sew Long for Now!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you've got to work, but doing what you have to do for your family is a good and noble thing.
Summer is passing me by as well, and I'm at home! Summers just seem to get busy and not the break I hope for anymore.