Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Has it really been that long since I wrote? It doesn't seem that long. I seem to be stuck in the fast lane of traffic and not be able to move over to get off the exit ramp, even with my turn signal on.
I finished 20 eyeglass holders for the nursing home and gave them for the June party.

I have embroidered some shirts, worked on some crochet, and did some beading, but I have been so busy getting people in the house ready for camps, going to graduation parties, and such. I have barely had any time to keep up with what every one is doing and this makes me sad. My two sons were in an auto accident. An elderly gentleman hit them and totaled the vehicle they were in. That alone took two full weeks out of my life. I had to make what seem like millions of calls to get everything taken care of. My job (the one I get paid for-grin) has been very busy lately and I have worked quite a lot of overtime. I have been so tired when I haven't worked. I joined Curves with my daughter because I was doing horrible trying to motivate myself to get some exercise and sitting for 8 hours five days a week was getting to me.
I guess the problem is I have been disjointed. I still haven't found my groove with things since the change in jobs last November. I spend time thinking and planning a new strategy for how to get it all done, to have something happen and everything fly in my face and upset my new routine. I thrive on routine, but right now I haven't found one that works, thus I am not thriving. I have to remember there is seasons to our lives and I seem to be in the stormy season, not much different than the weather around us right now.
This is the latest of my projects for the nursing home. I made 80 of these little patriotic pins for them for July. I now face August and have no creative idea of what to do. Hopefully, I will get some time to do some web surfing and come up with something. I have an embroidery project waiting for a customer and clothes to repair for our daughter's upcoming camp week and some one just brought me a shirt to repair for them and ironing to do and...well you get the picture. Does everyone have all these things looming over them?
Sew Long for Now!

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Deb said...

Well! Look at this beautiful new blog look! I love it, Cindi! Maybe you've had it awhile but I only pop over from bloglines if I leave a comment. I've missed hearing what you've been up to but figured that you had to be busy sewing!

Yes, there's lots hanging over me, too, including some medical things that just popped up (prayer please) and the ever growing list of to-dos. But I enjoy it all, usually. We have a week-long trip planned soon, and I don't feel prepared for that! Wonder if we could request time to stand still for just a week (or a day even!) so we could get caught up! :)