Thursday, July 30, 2009

After spending an enjoyable morning with a friend of mine and her children at the park I came home and dived into finishing the curtains. I did! I didn't line them because I justed wanted something to filter the light. I wanted more natural light to come in. I love them, they are exactly what I wanted. The give the room a cozy cottage look.

I was especially pleased with what worked on this window. We have central air, but the general put a small a/c unit in the window because there are two computers in this room and only one vent and it can get quite stuffy when I have to have the door closed. The small a/c has given us a two fold benefit, it keeps the room cool because of the computers and it also keeps down the noise from the neighbors on this side of the house while I am working. They are lovely people don't get me wrong, they just have a lot of people living there (three generations) and lots of children and for some reason they chose to play really noisy games right under my window. Don't get me started on 4th of July. They went out of state to buy fireworks and they bought some really big banging explosives. I had to work that night and oh the noise when I was trying to answer the phone. Oh well. It feels so good to have completed a project. I probably will not get a lot more done until next week. Tomorrow is the dreaded grocery shopping day and Saturday is the general's day off.
Sew Long for Now!

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