Saturday, August 08, 2009

This week has had little sewing. Lots of shopping, lots of decisions, but not a lot of sewing.
I made the first batch of salsa for the summer. I used habenero's I had in the freezer from last summer because those little peppers aren't ripe yet. I made a little over 12 pints.
My only sewing project this week was embroidering this sweater for some one. It took over 74 minutes for just the embroidery to sew out. Next week I doubt I will get any sewing in. We are planning a short trip to the beach in honor of our youngest's 12 birthday and our oldest heads back to college next weekend. He is heading into his 3rd year! This year will be a big year for him.
Sew Long for Now!


Anonymous said...

Cute smile and beautiful sea scenery. I am fan of your blog.


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Elise said...

Ugh... salsa. I'm STILL up to my ears in it over here! :) I hope you've been able to move onto much better things... like sewing, of course! :)

Praying that all is well, friend.