Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am still working on the patches. The last try didn't do what I wanted. After a visit to my favorite sewing store I decided to trim around the outline and then put a thin line of seam sealant. Next I put a thin line of satin stitch and then I am going around it with a wider line of satin stitch. I am watching it sew now and waiting to see the result. The only down side I see to this method is the seam sealant really gunks up your needle.

I spent a little time working on my bag that I started months ago. I trimmed all the pockets with bias made from the lining material. I sewed the inside pockets on one side and sewed dividers to make more pockets of different sizes. I have one pocket to put on the opposite side of the lining and one for the outside of the bag. I need to work on some digitizing and maybe then I can at least sew on those pockets tonight.
Sew Long for Now!

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Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

You have such patience, Cindi, for all these things. I marvel.
And I look forward to pictures of your bag. Be encouraged, friend.