Sunday, March 09, 2008

I knew this past week would not find me with any more spare time. I didn't get a lot of sewing done, so that was not what kept me busy. My weeks seem to be filled with working part-time, lessons with the children, housekeeping, and running errands. I really want to find time to fit in sewing, but lately it just isn't happening. I did spend time on Friday working on that mending pile. I repaired two pair of long johns, a skirt, and a shirt. On Saturday the General worked on repairing a stool to my vanity. My vanity is over 60's year old. We were given it 19 years ago. Sometime in the last 10 years the stool broke and it has never been fixed. While he had it apart I recovered the top because the padded seat's material had ripped. I have never done much home dec type sewing. I didn't even have to sew this. Don't ever look at the bottom of that seat! It looks nice on the top, but what I did to the bottom, let's just say I am not an upholsterer. I covered the seat in a tone on tone beige home dec fabric some one gave me. I like the look of it and I think I may replace the curtain in our bedroom with that material since it looks so nice. I have lots of left over fabric. I really want to work on finishing the mending pile this week. I also want to finish my new bag that I have never finished. I would like to make some new napkins for our use. I would like to make some bags to take shopping so I could cut down on my use of plastic. I need to finish embroidering 30 patches for 4H. I may have to embroidery a shirt for some one. Let's see if I can get myself in gear this week. Being up at 12:27 and unable to sleep is not going to bode well for the upcoming week!
Sew Long for Now!
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Anonymous said...

Me too! The fact that I'm up past midnight isn't a good sign. :o)

I hope to get more sewing done also - it just seems to be a hard month to get everything done!