Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This a picture of a pair of fleece socks I made last evening for our ASG's community service project. These are so easy to make. They require three pieces and it took me no time to put them together. The nursing home I visit once a month listed socks as a need for residence for their Christmas wish list. I think I will make some, but I will put non-skid fabric on the bottom. Most of the residence at the facility we visit do not wear shoes and that will be safer for them.

I have been busy lately with non sewing related things. Even though we do lessons all year around here, come August I get the bug to organize. I usually makes lesson plans and other scheduling. I have spent the past several days working on 52 weeks of plans. We heard from Lt. Col. Cool last evening. He survived h*ll week. He sounded very good and upbeat. Classes started today for him. We are all looking forward to next Sunday when we get to see him take his oath at New Market Battlefield.

Sew Long for Now!

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