Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A friend of mine came by and took the children to the pool with her today. In the quiet I made and canned salsa, made 6 more pairs of fleece socks, made a tote bag for a friend, worked on school planning, and putzed. I could have done the same with my children here. My children are great helpers. Our youngest son does yell Mom every five minutes and come and tell me things and ask me questions. No matter how much one on one I spend with him it's never enough so I have to tell him that I will give so much time a day totally devoted to him, but I have to spend some time doing other things. He knows that I will listen and pay attention even when I am sewing, cooking, or cleaning; I just can't stare him in the eye at that time. It is tiring, but I love him. Most of the time I try to incorporate him in helping. A lot of the time he doesn't want to and will go find something to do for a few minutes. He is very obsessive about things. Today his obsession is if he had the equipment he could make a tv commercial for his favorite toy. He has come and told me the same thing ten times since three o'clock. I am sure I will hear it again a few times before he goes to bed. Yesterday he spent all day writing a song about his favorite toy. He sung it to me over and over and over. It was very interesting.

Sew Long for Now!

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dmk32 said...

Cindi, that looks delicious! Maybe you can post the recipe on our group. Love, Denise