Thursday, August 16, 2007

Here is a picture of my sweet baby Captain Chaos. His 10th birthday was this past week. He has the sweetest heart and I love the freckles on his face! I often tell him I am going to keep him just because he has handsome freckles. All our children are special because we were told we would never have children of our own. Then when I was pregnant with both boys the doctors told us they would not live. I spent three pregnancies in the hospital and went through many procedures and even surgery to have them all. I wanted six children at least. I am grateful to have half as many. After spending the first six months of Captain Chaos' pregnancy in the hospital we were told he would have a disease worse than Downs and never make it to his 1st birthday. They ask us to choose to have him. We told them there was no choice. Our faith would help us to love and deal with what ever God choose to bless us with. I remember the morning I went into the delivery room. They hadn't told us that they had gotten a special pediatric neurologist to come assist in the delivery because of what they expected. He introduced himself after I was strapped down on the table for the c-section. I was blown away. I don't know if it was anger or just perturbment. Couldn't they have warned me? CC came out healthy physically except for a huge umbiblical hernia. He has had some special characteristics since he was born. The doctors thought he was deaf, nope. They thought he had sight problems, nope. They thought he had autism, the early tests showed not. Reading about Aspergers lately has us convinced that he does have that. We don't think it will affect his life negatively and that we can help him overcome some of the challenges. He has such a loving heart and is my right hand.

Sew Long for Now.

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linda said...

What an amazing story, Cindi! God is good! What a blessing to have children! Thanks for sharing that. I have a friend who homeschools. She's been reading up on Asperger's as well, but as long as she's homeschooling, she isn't seeking a diagnosis for her little guy. I worked with several children with Asperger's when I worked. They were my favorite kiddos. Amazingly, our thought processees were very similar. :o)