Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My days have been so busy with laundry, cooking, gardening, lessons, cleaning, and relationships that my sewing is having a hard time fitting in. Over the weekend I did make it to my favorite local sewing machine dealer and JoAnn's for some supplies to work on things, but no actual sewing. Yesterday I was determined to complete something for some one so last night at 8:30 p.m. I embroidered four towels and a wash cloth for a girl to take to college next week. Don't you wish you had all day to sit and sew? Why do people have to eat and have clean clothes any way? LOL!

Sew Long for Now!


linda said...

Sometimes I do wish I could sew all day, but then I'd really miss the kids, too. I wouldn't miss the laundry or the cleaning, though.

I've been cramming in what bit of sewing I can at night, too. This summer is just crazy! Then I stay up WAY too late and pay for it. *sigh*

Elise said...

It sounds like your priorities are in the proper order, though! Your work is so lovely. Your relationships must be, too! :)