Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Last night I was playing around. I have a picture of a button necklace I want to make. I had this chain bracelet and decided to try making a button bracelet first. It's cute! I finished up all the sewing for others I had and Captain Kitty and I have been working on coasters. I am showing her how to make the criss cross coasters. We made two over the weekend, but she has four cut out. Sunday we had ice, then Monday I had to go with the General to U.Va. for his outpatient surgery. We stopped by my folks to pick up some sewing my sister-in-law left for me and found my Momma extremely ill with the flu. We stayed awhile so I could help her. Then we came home. The General went to work Tuesday. He is just a little soar. They had to do a biopsy of his arm muscle. Hopefully, next month we will know the diagnosis. Tuesday Captain Kitty was feeling bad. Captain Chaos has a cold. This weekend is Bible Quiz and they are both in it. I will have to take care of them and hopefully they will be well by Saturday. I am working on opening an Etsy shop. I hope to have it open and some things in it by the end of January.
Sew Long for Now!


Jenn E said...

I *love* that bracelet! Very cute. Hope your kids are feeling better soon and all is ok with your husband.

Alberta said...

I love buttons, ever since watching my grandmother sew...I got to play in the button box...what treasures she had! Your bracelet is beautiful!

Linda said...

Cindy, love the button braclet. Thanks for your comments on my jacket. I can't wait to see your Etsy Shop. Glad you are going to do this.

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

The bracelet is BEAUTIFUL! It must look beautiful with Captain Kitty's eyes!!

And an Etsy Shop, too?

I can't wait!

lindiepindie said...

I sure hope everyone is feeling better this weekend. I'm wondering why the biopsy results take so long? I had a lump removed and biopsied and I remember it taking just a couple of days. I'm sure its different for different cases, but it must be hard to wait.

The bracelet is so pretty. And it's your favorite color! Are you wearing it right now??? :o)