Friday, January 26, 2007

I have been reading Mrs. Wilt's challenge for anti-procrastination this week. I have been using the schedule from Motivated Moms and it has really helped. These last two weeks things around here have been stressful. I have pretty much kept on top of things. There are a few things though that I have dropped the ball on. One was mopping my kitchen floor. I had put that off and then put it off some more. The other was dusting our bedroom. Wednesday I got the floor mopped and this morning I dusted our bedroom. Her challenge for tomorrow is to anti-procrastinate things to do with your family. Tomorrow is our Bible Quiz. Both our younger children are participating and our oldest is helping set-up and then tear down. So we will all be there. I hope to finish working with Captain Kitty on her sewing project and I heard the guys talk about working on a model they all have been building.

I am off to do some surfing and then sew new covers for my livingroom throw pillows.

Sew Long for Now!

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Elise said...

We could all use some anti-procrastination - I love that term!