Monday, February 08, 2016

Oh my how time flies.  It has been busy here over the last month!  Daddy came to stay while he got cataracts removed from both eyes.  I drove him to the hospital for his first surgery on Jan. 22, as the snow began to fall.
By the afternoon it was looking like a winter wonderland, but we made it safe home. 
The next morning we could barely find my car! 
Then the next Wednesday we went back and got his second eye done.  Now he can see so much better and he is tickled with results.  At 85 they were surprised this was the first cataracts he had had removed. 
I did add this backing to the quilt I made from the pattern and material my husband gave me for Christmas.  I finished free motion quilting it. 
Then I added the binding and now I am doing the hand sewing.  The binding is made from the same material as the backing, but looks a different color because I took the picture at a different time of day.  Lighting makes so much difference in how we see the colors. 
I am also painting my livingroom and hallway.  The trim is a bear and there is lots of it.  I hope to finish by the end of February.  I was working on it on my days off, but since there is so much trim I am working on it for an hour or so everyday.
I am hoping to machine quilt a top I finished several years ago by the end of February also.  Unfortunately, I am not getting things completed as fast as I would like.  
My sewing thought for this week:
Happiness is a Full Bobbin!
Sew Long for Now!

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