Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My second block in the Color Me Happy BOM. I need to square up those sides. I finished squaring up the 128 half square triangles. I also cut the 16 center pieces for the rest of the blocks for the blue cross quilt. I have a quilt that is more than 5 years old that I have been hand quilting on and off and I pulled it out and am trying to work on it.

On my work table is material to cut out the rest of the pieces for the remainder of blocks on the blue cross quilt, the material to start my mil's quilt, and the material for another cross quilt. My daughter ask if I would get her cross quilt done by August, at the rate the first one is taking me I will be lucky to get it done by Christmas!

I didn't get as much done the last week as I wanted, we celebrated our daughter's 17th birthday and Valentine's Day with several outings. This weekend my sister-in-law is coming so we can celebrate her birthday. February is a birthday intense month around here. Hopefully, though I will fit in some sewing time each day.

Sew Long for Now

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