Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another week has flown by. We had company over the weekend and then a snow storm. It was like the perfect type of snow, here one day gone the next. I have been working alot on the hand quilting I am doing on a quilt I made years ago. I hope to finish it up soon. I also have been putting together parts of the last 16 blocks to the cross quilt. I was trying to think how to describe this's a scrappy blue quilt. I have used different blues from my stash, except for the 1/4 yard I bought about a month ago. I did learn something new recently that came in real handy. I saw on a sewing show (sorry don't remember which one) if you are piecing to put the seam going the opposite way you are sewing on top and then your joints will match better. It worked well, so well that the 256 seams I did this week all met without a lot of sweating on my part. I will try to take pictures when I do more to show what I mean. It's these little tricks that make life so much easier.

Sew Long for Now

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