Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am still here and still sewing. I took the purple dress and they wanted adjustments in the sleeve. I just cut them out and remade the sleeves. I delivered it again on Friday. I got another emergency dress alteration for a wedding last Saturday. That one was fun. It was a size 2 dress and it was too big! I did some pants for the baseball team and have 7 more pairs here to get done by tomorrow. I have lots of projects due for Thursday's ASG meeting and I have a couple of sets of curtains to line for a customer. It's been terribly hot here. Not much rain. We have had to water to upper garden in the evenings. We have been getting cherry tomatoes and last night I got some zucchini. Today is our day to volunteer at the nursing home so I must run.

Sew Long for Now!

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Elise said...

Size 2? I suppose that would fit my thigh...
You are always so busy! I really would love to sew - perhaps someday - and I love to see your work! Thank you for sharing it!
I hope the visit to the nursing home went well - it is such a good thing.