Friday, February 24, 2006

I am sewing, sewing, sewing. Oops I mean I am embroidering, embroidering, embroidering. I have 9 jackets for a youth basketball team to embroider their team emblem and names. I have 5 done. I have 16 reserved signs to embroidery and make for church. I have 5 embroidered. I alterated a pair of pants for a young man about to be married. I should be cutting out my gown, but, alas I am going cropping tonight at church with my daughter and some ladies. I am slowly, oh so slowly working on another pair of socks.

Remember, when you forget to mail in your vehicle registration renewal (or to do it online) when you go into the DMV take your knitting, or a book, or something! 1 1/2 hours of wasted time! Believe me people watching at the DMV is disgusting. What is it with perfectly lovely young ladies who insist on wearing jeans cut too low and too tight. It makes their butts look big and square. It is not attractive. It ain't even sexy. And young ladies that might otherwise be lovely with men's clothes on! Ladies, listen, look in a mirror. I am not claiming to be the best dressed lady in the universe, but, I don't dress like a boy and I try to be neat in my appearance. The guys were dressed better than the girls there. Also, why are all the clerks at the DMV female? Why doesn't a man work there?

Well, that's enough ranting for today. Sew Long for Now.

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Cat said...


You are so very talented!!! I thought I would stop by and say hello and my goodness gracious...I want to come to your house and learn how to sew like you do!! I love all your pictures...what an inspiration you are!

xoxoxo Cat