Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I needed some more blocks for the quilt I am making and the blocks I have been making are very time intensive so I decided to make some scrappy fence rail blocks to scatter through the quilt.

Now I have begun bordering all the blocks with the coral color.

I hope you noticed my new cutting mat.  I accidentally sat my iron on my old one and it warped in these waves so it was very hard to cut because I was trying to get the mat to lie flat.  After I get the blocks bordered then I get to put them together.  I have 3 weeks.  Why am I always pushing deadlines?

Every month my sister and I try to meet somewhere half way between where we both live and have lunch and shop.  We met in Radford, Va. the end of June and they have a really great quilt shop called Sew Biz in a historic downtown building.  I didn't tempt myself with any fabric since I have this project that I have to finish, but I did pick up the cutest coffee mug!

Sew Long for Now!

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