Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Trying to take pictures on a rainy day is so hard.
When we went to orientation for our daughter we also stopped by an arts and craft show afterwards.  There I met a blogger that I have read for many years, Deb from Mountain Musings.  She lives near where I grew up and I always love to read and see happenings she post about things familiar to me.  Her daughters both have cottage businesses and we bought some of their wares from their booth.  The coconut pie didn't last long enough for me to take a picture of, but the boys assure me it was delicious!  We also bought some of their homemade soap.  The two bars in the picture are ones we haven't used yet.  I just love to smell them.  The two we are trying are a lavender one and one called grass that my husband loves the smell of.  I highly recommend you checking them out at Pleasant View Soap!
This is the latest quilt I finished.  It's made from the dogwood fabric and I got the kit on our area shop hop last summer.  I like it and when I quilt and bind it maybe the weather will cooperate for a better picture.
I have some more of the dogwood fabric and I want to make a quilt using all the colors next.  I just have to decide which quilt to make.
Sew Long for Now!

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Deb said...

Good Morning, Cindi,
Sorry I'm just commenting. I saved your post so I could write when I had more time. thank you for stopping by the craft show!! We SO enjoyed meeting you and your daughter. I'm very glad that it finally happened! A real treat for me! :)

And thank you, too, for blogging about Hannah's soap. Speaking of nice soap house smells like hundreds of bars of soap all the time. I love it!

Love your dogwood quilt! I need to get started sewing again, but the outside flower beds have been calling me! Take care!