Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May all of your ups and downs in life be with a needle and thread.
Life here has been full.  One of the things I participated in this past weekend was orientation for new students at Bridgewater College.  Our daughter will be transferring there this fall.  The last two years of her homeschooling journey have been spent going full time to our local community college where she graduates next Friday with her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.  Instead of a high school graduation she will be participating in the community college graduation.  Then in the fall we will be moving her into the dorms at Bridgewater, where she will major in English.  She still has to narrow down what her emphasis will be in because she is interested in library sciences and restoring old documents, or editing, or teaching.  The exciting thing is that just a couple of miles down the road from where she is going to school is one of my favorite quilt shops!  Below you will see that while we were gone I stopped by there and picked up a few things.  The grey material to use in the background of my youngest son's quilt.  I also bought several packs of those red clover binding clips that I have wanted.  I picked up a pack of straw needles after reading on another blog about how nice they are to sew binding on.
I put the black material I bought with the new grey.  This is not a black and white picture!  I am searching for just the right green and brown to add to these two and then I will start his cross quilt.

These two blocks are the quilt I am working on now.  I love the colors.  Now that I have all the blocks done I look forward to putting the top together.
What are you working on?
Sew Long for Now!

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