Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Monday I spent the whole day sewing! It was great, I helped other members of our ASG chapter make soldier bags to send to troops serving overseas. As of Wednesday we had 124 to turn in.
Now I must interrupt for some serious cuteness! I had been missing having a dog. My husband and I had talked about getting two black poodles. Monday afternoon he comes home with the name and number of a lady we go to church with who had 3 month old poodles, 2 litters. We went to see them and came home with a chocolate and apricot. The chocolate is named Smith and the apricot is named Wesson. I forgot how much work house training puppies is!
I did get the pillowcases finished to match the children's pj's I made them. I used the directions at Modalissa's blog. The only snag I had was that I used flannel and the method she showed for the roll method was neat, but the flannel didn't slide very well. It took a bit of an effort to get it flipped. I think I would like to make some using cotton. It was actually fun once you got it flipped!
I also finally cut out my bow tuck bag, now to get it sown up! Wow, I feel I am actually accomplishing something lately.
Sew Long for Now!

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Slipstitches said...

Smith and Wesson are just adorable hope you take a pic of them in the pj's.