Sunday, March 07, 2010

I was on a roll and since I finished smocking my 2nd ornament a month ago, I went ahead to finished it up.
I am looking forward to learning to do the other type of ornament in April.

I started on the second bra purse, but my heart wasn't it. My heart wasn't in much because I got a case of the whiney's. Our youngest son was growing out of his pants and shirts so the general and I went shopping in my favorite place - the attic. I had boxes and boxes of clothes saved from our oldest son and I have a friend who has two boys and she gave me the clothes they outgrew. When we pulled down the last four boxes I was amazed that was all that was left. By the time we went through them one only had one box to put back up. What made me so melancholy was the fact that my baby is growing up. He will be 13 this summer and as I watch his body grow into that of a young man it's hard. I will no longer have any babies or children. Our oldest turns 21 this year and so this year is marked by milestones with our two boys. One becomes an adult and one becomes a young man...sigh...I hope they remember the book I used to read to them when they were little, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as your living my baby you'll be."
Off to hem pants for the young man.
Sew Long for Now!

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Martha said...

Very nice. Your smocking is wonderful.