Monday, February 23, 2009

It's been a while since I posted. Things have been happening around. It has actually been kind of busy. This is one of the 20 door hangers I did for the February party at the nursing home. I made 40 of the 80 door prizes.

Valentines Day was a big event here. Our oldest and his girlfriend stopped by on their way to the midwinter formal. She is such a sweet girl.

That was also our daughter's 14th birthday. She was 14 on the 14th. So much celebration was happening here.
I altered a dress for a girl and then began projects for March's party at the nursing home. So far I have made these 10 travel tissue covers. These are made with the men in mind. I am going to do some fancy ones with trim for the women. I will put packs of travel tissues in them before I give them to the lady who plans the parties. I am planning on making 20 and then maybe some type of bag with candy in it. I was thinking of making like 20 drawstring bags and filling them with those candy chocolate coins. I also found a really nice clover pin pattern. I could do 20 of those for St. Patrick's Day. I will decide after I finish these tissue covers.
I pulled out a pattern I bought a few years ago to make the General a revolutionary soldier costume and will attempt to finish it in the coming months.
Can you believe February is almost over? Time is just flying by.
Sew Long for Now!

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