Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It has been a busy time here the past several months.  The beginning of May started our family in an avalanche of  happenings.  First, my husband and I celebrated our actual 30th anniversary...the date.  We took the trip in March because we knew what was coming around the actual date.  The day after our anniversary my husband's parents came bringing our daughter from Kansas for a visit and to see our youngest son graduate from both high school and community college.  He was dual enrolled.  With that I retired from homeschooling after 24 years.

Here is one of the fun pictures my children and I took together.  That is my three precious young adults having a bit of fun with their Momma.
Next came the first birthday of my youngest grandchild.   
Then the fourth birthday of my oldest grandchild.
Here are my precious grandchildren, growing so big!
I really have been trying to fit in sewing and crocheting.  My husband hurt his back during all this.  We do not even know how it happened because it was not a traumatic event, it just happened one morning he woke up in terrible pain.  Two doctors couldn't figure it out and had no treatment plan except stay off work for 6 weeks so I convinced him to go to a chiropractor and two weeks later he was in very little pain.  He will continue treatments 3 days a week for the summer, but I was so glad and proud of him that he didn't give up and go on disability.
I am working on this afghan with leftover yarn I had on hand. 
I made this quilt top with Moda's Zen Chic jellyroll for my youngest son.
I have been working on quilting it, 1/4 inch lines...this may take a while.

Father's Day with my Dad at my sister's new house.  He is looking pretty good for a man about to turn 86 next month!

I am trying to get myself back into more sewing now all these festivities are over.

Sew Long for Now!


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

congrats to your son on his double graduation.
And Happy belated 30th anniversary.
Love the quilt you are working on for your son.
Have a blessed day.

Deb said...

Congratulations on being a retired homeschooling mama after 24 years!! You've had a lot going on...hope your husband continues to do well and you continue to find time for some sewing. (I still do not have my sewing room...so all sewing has been on hold. Maybe soon.)