Monday, July 05, 2010

Another aspect of the Eisenhower Museum was some of Mamie's outfits on display. She was a very well dressed lady and was considered an inspiration for older women. She showed that older women could dress fashionable. The pictures are not the best because they did not allow flash photography. An interesting thing about the displays was that they rotated. I wish they would do that at the Smithsonian with the first ladies dresses.

This is one of her inaugural gowns.

I think this may have been the other, but I am not positive.

This is a typical style of dress that she wore. There were several similar to this, all with matching hats.

This was her wedding dress, complete with a piece of their wedding cake in the chevron shaped container at the bottom of the picture.

Another of her outfits with matching hat. I think she gave Jackie O. lessons in style.
Sew Long for Now!


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Leigh said...

I actually met Mamie in the 3rd grade in SC. I can still remember it. She wore a dress like the purple one and had a beautiful flag pin on. I told her that I liked it and she said that Ike had given it to her. She was a really nice lady. I can't remember what she was doing there in our school! It was a small town on the border of GA in the 60's so who knows!

Cindi said...

Leigh, that flag pin was actually in the museum and it said that after he gave it to her she wore it everyday for the rest of her life.