Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I signed up to sew these post op pouches for breast cancer patients in October. I finally finished them today. I am trying to get some ufo's and mending caught up.
With the New Year, Tuesday has become one of the busiest days here. This morning we all went to the dentist, then I dropped our daughter off at Math class while our youngest son and I came home, him to finish his lessons and me to sew. After I picked her up from Math we all three did chores and I cleaned the bathroom then I took her to violin lessons. I dropped her off and picked up our youngest son to drop him off to meet his Dad for a missions trip meeting and I came home to fix supper. I now await those two returning so we can eat and maybe watch the first half of Return of the Kings, the extended version. We are working our way through the LoR extended version movies this week.
I need to see if I can find a zipper to finish a pair of pants for a lady at church and then attack that mending pile!
Sew Long for Now!

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