Friday, January 09, 2009

I spent some time the past two days embroidering warm-up pants for a basketball team. I had done pants for them last year and they ask me to do the pants for the new team members. It's a fun job. I plan to work on a skirt for me soon. I have some grey denim that I would like to make into a new skirt.

Most of this week has been spent catching up. My house work has suffered so much over the past several months. Each day this week we have worked deep cleaning a room in the house. To me this is such satisfying work. Monday we cleaned the kitchen and I rearranged how I had some items on the counters to make the flow a bit better. The General liked the new spot I put his coffee maker. Tuesday we cleaned the livingroom including pulling all the movies off the shelves and dusting them. The bee keeper volunteered to put them back alphabetically. Wednesday we cleaned the bathroom and stairwell. I cleaned out the medicine cabnet and culled it of out of date supplies. Today I finally got to clean the sewing room. I moved some things on the shelves around so I can reach often used things more easily. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning my bedroom and switching the General and my dressers around. I will also have to move my 1925 Singer Treadle sewing machine in the livingroom to a different spot tomorrow. We have been given a 1916 upright piano and the General is going to pick it up tomorrow. I think it was made by Grinnell Brothers. It is an upright and still plays. It needs tuning, but we need to put in place and let it sit a few weeks before we have that done.

I can't express the satisfaction I have from being able to take care of my home myself these days. I love to keep our little home neat and tidy. I even enjoyed cooking supper tonight. I don't often get to cook these days. Off to bed.

Sew Long for Now!

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Phyllis said...

Hi! I see that you read our blog. It's fun for me to read yours and get to know you a little, too. :-)