Saturday, February 16, 2008

I know the flylady tells you to get dressed down to shoes that tie to start your day. When I do that some one finds a reason for me to leave the house. I needed to get some things done so I kept my p.j.'s on today. I washed three loads of laundry, mopped my kitchen floor, cleaned my bathroom mirror, cut Captain Chaos' hair, fixed a pair of pants that were ripped for some one, and have been altering a skirt and pair of pants for another person. I also finished a section of FPU (Financial Peace University), a Dave Ramsey program we are taking online. Oh how good it feels to get something accomplished!

Sew Long For Now!


Anonymous said...

:o) I seem to get a lot done in my PJs also. But I spend the time worrying that someone is going to knock on the door. :o)

Anonymous said...

FPU, we have those workshops at our's a great feeling to control your finances instead of them controlling you.
Enjoy the course!