Monday, May 21, 2007

We had a busy week! The General took the week off for vacation. We did our version of spring cleaning. We moved around people in bedrooms at our home. We have five bedrooms. They are rather small. My sewing room was in one in the back of the basement. Since Lt. Col. Cool is headed off to college in a month or so I wanted my sewing room more accessible. We moved him in the sewing room, Capt. Chaos in to Lt. Col.'s room, Capt. Kitty into Chaos' room, and my sewing room into Kitty's. The family told me that I had to stop doing this. I have done this every spring for several years. Wednesday was Awana awards night. Captain Kitty got a special award for the finishing her book, finishing the review, and saying 32 verses, 32 questions with four answers each in one hour. Both Capt. Kitty and Capt. Chaos got clubber of the year in their respective groups. I am so happy for them, mostly because they have memorized so much of God's word! I included pictures of both them at the event. Our oldest dog passed away, Lady was 14 years old. She was a good dog, but she has been having problems the last several years so we were not devasted by something we did not expect. Friday night Kitty and Chaos went to the Awana all nighter and Saturday I sold some homeschool books at our groups yearly used book sale. So many other things happened also. I felt like I was caught up in a tornado and going around and around rapidly. Oh, I forgot one of the most important things, Capt. Chaos was baptized Sunday morning. All our children have now been baptized. I did not get much sewing done with all the moving around of furniture and things. I did get three pair of pants shortened this morning for the baseball team. This week is Lt. Col. Cool's graduation. I also really need to get my garden in. I have tons of sewing to do. Wish me well!

Sew Long for Now.


Elise said...

I do wish you well - you've been so busy already!
I'm so pleased to hear about the baptism - I look forward to a time when all of our children have joined us in that commitment - what a blessed woman you are!

lindiepindie said...

Moving things from one room to another sounds easy, but I know it isn't. We rotated 3 rooms a couple of months ago and it was tiring! Who knew I had so much sewing stuff? So sorry to hear about your dog. Happy to hear about your son. You just sound so incredibly busy.